Reference Fidelity Components, the UK cable manufacturer that is rapidly gaining something of a reputation for quality interconnects and loudspeaker cables and who has just received a 5 star review in the UK hi-fi press, has announced the re-launch of two of their products in the company’s reference range of interconnects.

The Reference Pluto interconnect uses Furutech Alpha conductor which the company claims maintains detail and upper frequency performance. Eichmanns’ highly regarded Tellurium Copper Bullets are used for the connectors and RFC claim these are the very best plugs available at this price point. A one metre pair will cost you £99.50.

The all new Reference Mercury from the company maintains the same level of detail in its construction as all the cables in the company’s range but uses Furutech Hyper-balanced cable for the conductor and Eichmanns’ Silver Bullet plugs offering very low impedence, lower noise floor and better detail than standard RCAs . The cable is available at £165 per metre.

Hifi Pig hopes to carry a review of the cables very soon.



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