The Aphelion 2 is the 4th generation of Rega’s moving coil cartridges, it takes the technology developed from the latest Apheta 3 to “the highest level”.

Rega Aphelion 2

Aphelion 2 features an ultra-rigid boron rod cantilever fitted with our most advanced “fine line type” nude diamond profile. Aphelion 2 uses a super high-powered neodymium magnet and a coil hand wound on an iron micro cross. The weight reduction of the generator allows greater freedom to track the vinyl groove. The Aphelion 2 is housed within a single piece, aluminium black anodised body and protected by a CAD designed, distinctive yellow rigid cover to protect the internal fine wires, making handling whilst fitting, safe and risk free.

Rega says the Aphelion 2 is the perfect partner for the Planar 10 turntable and will be supplied as standard on the ultimate Rega turntable the Naiad.


Tracking Pressure 1.9g

Input load impedance 100 ohms

Output impedance 10 ohms

Nominal output voltage 350μV

Channel Balance : ≥ 10μV

Separation : ≥ -29dB

Mass 6g

Load settings for adjustable MC stages

Impedance -100ohm

Capacitance – 1000pF

Gain setting – High (‘On’ position for Rega phono stages )


The Aphelion 2 will remain the same price as the outgoing Aphelion model with a UK SSP of £3149.00

A package price when factory fitted to the Planar 10 is available for £6219.00 a  saving of £529 to the customer.

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