Rob Hunt of REL got in touch to tell us more about their latest collaboration with House Of Linn Manchester owners, Brian and Trevor. “House of Linn (Brian and Trevors) have been longstanding believers in the use of REL within the Linn Akurate system for some time now”.

Rob continues: “It goes back to their introduction to REL by our ex Sales Manager James who came from Linn, and so was an important part in getting REL aligned with the Linn operating system. Linn now have REL products listed within their mainframe so we can simply drop in a REL to compliment the system – whatever the size as we can plainly see with the latest install of the No25 subs at the House of Linn facility in Manchester”.

Rob tells us that Brian and Trevor have already seen a leap in performance of their system and it helps them to show the benefits of REL to their customers in any system.



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