The Remton 383 Mk 2 Phonostage is made in Prague, uses a trio of ECC83s valves and costs a smidgen over £1000, Janine Elliot tries it in her system for Hifi Pig.

“My initial awareness was of a surprisingly efficient output and quiet noise level allowing the music to come through both loud and clear and all with a great depth; Saint-Saens Piano Concerto’s (EMI Aldo Ciccolini) had full power and weight with superb midrange, a propensity that ECC83’s in output stages give so well. It reminded me of the sound from my ECC83/EL84 Leak Stereo 20.  A high level of three-dimensionality of sound was also observed, particularly in the depth of sound front-to-back.”

Read the full review of the Remton 383 Mk 2 Phonostage here.


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