The €24000 Aequo Audio Ensis hails from The Netherlands and has an innovative and interesting design. Stuart and Linette Smith try them with Dutch Techno.

“OK, I’m well aware that very few people are going to be listening to gabba on a set of speakers that costs this much money and it’s rather likely that I’m in a small minority of people who “get” this genre and so, as we always do when reviewing any piece of kit, a wide and varied selection of music was listened to. On acoustic music there is a real feel for the instruments and their timbre with Baden Powell’s nylon strung guitar sounding as lifelike as I’ve heard. There is just so much detail evident in the music when listening with the Ensis loudspeaker, but this doesn’t come with an over analytical or fatiguing character; you could listen to these all day and not feel you were overloaded…”

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