Audio Physic are a German manufacturer with a great reputation, Ian Ringstead takes a listen to the company’s Classic 5 floorstanders costing £1598.

“I’m no stranger to Audio Physic speakers as I own a pair of their superb Avanti iii floor standers which were very highly regarded when first released back in 2003 and still are fantastic to my ears. The company is based in Germany and their motto is “no loss of fine detail”. I’ve seen and heard a few of their models both at the Munich show and recently in Warsaw at the Audio show last November. The company makes a large range of different models and the Classic series is their entry into the high end, the Classic 5 being the latest introduction. They came securely packaged in a strong single cardboard box with very good internal expanded foam support and the grilles were packaged in a folded section of the box along with the comprehensive instruction manual, spikes and an Audio Physic cd of high quality recorded classical music…”

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