Janine Elliot takes a listen to the Black Rhodium Stream Power cable costing £450 for a 1.7m length…and it’s that length the designer believes to be important.

“Reviewing interconnects and speaker cables will inevitably be accompanied with misbelief from a number that cables can ever make any differences to the sound of your hifi. I have even heard that personally from a few ex-manufacturing friends, ‘ex’ being the operative word. To be given a mains cable for reviewing is even more likely to carry that disbelief. I am a realist and not influenced by what I call the Peter Belt syndrome; expecting things to be better because you believe and are told to believe they will be. I listen, and then judge. Cables are just as important as the electronics in your prized audio and video collection, each offering its own resistance and capacitance and, hopefully not, RFI/EMI. Mains cables are just as important a part of your hi-fi collection as the other cables in your possession, and whilst some will replace that cheap and thin interconnect cable supplied with your audio or video component, many more will not bother to change that mains cable. However, this type of cable is as important as any other, even if your amplifier has masses of Farads at its disposal…”

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