Coming from a land down-under (depending on where in the world you reside), Burson makes a wide range of relatively affordable products. Here Janine Elliot takes a listen to their tiny Bang amplifier. Does it offer good bang for its $499 (£599) bucks? 

“Burson Audio are gaining good notoriety in recent years with original designs and good looks, a company founded by a small team of audio engineers in 1996, based in Melbourne, Australia. As well as complete audio products including power-amps, headphone amps, DACs and cables what makes them particularly innovative is their creation of building blocks such as hybrid Op-Amps. Their philosophy is simple; have components that don’t interfere with the audio signal. If the equipment is designed well and transparent enough then the pace, rhythm, timing, dynamics and tonality will become a natural expression of the music. Burson feels this cannot be achieved with standard circuit components such as IC chip op-amps, IC regulators, or standard transformers. Instead they researched and developed their own discrete circuits so that every component in the signal path can perform at its very best…”

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