Dan Worth takes a look at an interesting tweak from IsoAcoustics in the form of their GAIA III isolation footers costing £199.

“This years Bristol Sound and Vision Show has been covered extensively here on Hifi Pig, so take a look at the articles. There were a great number of exhibitors with some really interesting new equipment for 2017.

Among the manufacturers and distributors present I found one of the better sounds and demos to be in the SCV Distribution room, comprising of a range of brands and platforms. For me my interest was directed towards their main show system, which comprised of a Benchmark DAC3 HGC (reviewed here), paired with a Benchmark AHB2 stereo power amplifier and Aria 936 loudspeakers. The characteristics of the sound in this room suited my own personal tastes very well, with a greatly open, full bodied and detailed sound that excels on transparency and insight.

The system demo was very much orientated around what IsoAcoustics GAIA feet, particularly the GAIA III due to its support in weight relation of the Arias, with a 32kg max load capacity. IsoAcoustics also produce two other sizes and weight bearing load versions of the Gaia – the GAIA I which can handle speaker or rack loads up to 100kgs, GAIA II 54kgs and then the Gaia III 32kgs, each rating is per set of four not the individual footer…”

Read the full review here

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