Jern 14 EH Loudspeakers from Denmark are an unusual design both in the way they look and the materials they are made from, Stuart Smith takes a listen to them partnered with REL t5i subs which are vital as the speakers only go down to 90Hz. The Jern 14 EH are €/£3.998 for a pair, the Jern plate for REL T/5i subwoofers are €/£399 each and the REL subs are available at £549 each. Stands for the 14 EH are available, though not tested here, for €/£1198.

I first came across the Jern speakers a year or two ago at Munich High-End whilst Linette was off doing her Women In Hifi meeting and was mesmerised by their unusual design and the materials used to build them. I was somewhat taken aback by them in the less than ideal listening booth, noting that they imaged really well. When the opportunity came to have a listen to a pair at home I jumped at it. They arrived whilst we were at the Warsaw show and so helpfully the delivery driver forged my signature and left them in our open barn, which is right next to a main road (well, as main a road as you get in rural Brittany) for all to see and help themselves. By some small miracle, they were there when we got back and we found them.

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