Lehmann are a German manufacturer headed up by Norbert Lehmann and make a range of widely respected electronics. Here Janine Elliot pops on her cans and takes a listen to the Linear D Headphone amplifier and DAC costing £1050. 

“Playing the Queen Symphony through the DAC, the piano-key pressing gave quick attacks that sounded good on the HD650. All instruments were clearly defined in their allotted space, and all sounds, whilst powerful and sumptuous, were still very sensitive to the detail. From the lowest sounds to the high glockenspiel I never got tired of listening. Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique (Robin Ticciati, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Linn 24/192) was crystal clear, from the “brushing sounds” merged under the string introduction (which seems to be synonymous with a number of Linn recordings) to the brash brass bursts in the fourth movement…”


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