Crosby, Young, Gifted and, er, not Black…John Scott hangs out with M2Tech’s Rockstar separates and finds himself helpless to resist their charms.

“Italian manufacturer M2Tech’s Rockstar series of audio components consists of the Young MkIII DAC/preamp, Nash phono preamp, Crosby power amp, Joplin MkII DAC/phono and Van Der Graaf MkII power supply.

When I was originally asked to review the Crosby, Young and Van der Graaf units, Bill Leigh of UK distributors Auden Distribution explained that he would be arranging for a set of equipment to be shipped over from Italy to me.  I prefer to carry out my reviews without doing too much research, or reading other people’s opinions, beforehand, so, other than a quick glimpse of a photograph, I had no preconceptions of what to expect when the kit arrived.  The result of this was that when I got my hands on the units a few weeks later, I was confronted with three small cardboard boxes – I had assumed the units would be full-sized but that was clearly not the case…”


Read the full review here

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