Think electrostatic hybrid loudspeakers and a handful of names will come to mind, and likely top of that list will be Martin Logan. Here Janine Elliot takes their ElectroMotion ESL X costing £4998 for a spin. 

“Many years ago, I decided to delve into a new level of audio exploration, auditioning three sets of top-notch speakers in one of the respected HiFi shops in London. One speaker was made in Sheffield, England, one from Arcugnano, Italy, and the third from Lawrence, Kansas. I bought the former, but also really loved the speakers from Lawrence – that one being a Martin Logan hybrid electrostatic. The reason I didn’t go for the MLs was that I couldn’t sensibly fit them in my then-confined listening area. So, to be offered their ElectroMotion ESL X for review in 2019 I took the opportunity with open arms and a larger living room…”

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