British brand Onix will be a familiar name to many and has a strong heritage. Here Dominic Marsh puts their DNA50 amplifier costing £1979 through its paces.

“The brand Onix is a wholly owned British concern that has been around for a good few years now (approximately 35 years no less) and for reasons I still cannot fathom out, they have not really reached into mainstream hifi territory and become well known amongst audiophiles as other brands have become during the same period.  Except of course they do have a small loyal band of followers and I shall touch upon this group of people in this review and the influence they have on the current product.  Maybe ONIX don’t bang their drum loud enough, or they want to maintain the key core values they are not prepared to sacrifice for the sake of vanity, fashion, or following the herd.  This review then is about their latest model the DNA-50 integrated amplifier offering, so kindly read on….”

Read the full review here

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