Father and son team David and Rob Stevenson review the entry level Pro-Ject Primary turntable costing £189.

“The vinyl revival has extended to supermarkets but its delights and reputation are lost in the plethora of cheap nasty plastic ‘record players’.

European makers Project offer a range of decks from basic to exotic and now offer a very budget entry level named ‘ The Primary’ .Its an ideal gift aimed at fresh starters or at upgraders from a tacky thingy, and to those wanting USB interfacing or to add to AV setups…”


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  • Since its original launch in October 2016, the Primary turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems has been an overwhelming international success with those on a tight budget. Over the last two years it has won many friends at the price thanks to its ease of use, neat, retro aesthetic and premium audio performance. Pro-Ject say they want to provide customers a…

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