The RMB 40/4 Loudspeakers (£3000) are a distinctive and interesting design, Dave Robson takes a listen.

“These striking and unconventional looking RMB speakers are born and raised in Ilkley, North Yorkshire. They are the creations of Richard Best, a man who has Mechanical Engineering in his blood, but who has been busy planning, designing and testing his speaker line for some time. Richard hand delivered the 40/4 speakers personally. He was compelled to tell me about his speakers and that they where an early pre-production model, and that there are some small changes to things like the felt diffuser ring on the bass driver phase plugs and speaker grill fixings will be much improved on production models. Although everything else sound-wise will be identical. Richard also gave me a “user pack” which comprehensively tells one about how to set up the speakers and to glean the very best of their performance. Richard also supplied the speaker cables, DNM Solid Core Resolution, which he told me where paramount to reproducing the best sound from the speakers and had been used in the development of the 40/4…”

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