Dominic Marsh experiments with the Solidair Audio Magnetic Isolators in this review for Hifi Pig.

“I will begin by saying that I am no stranger to using isolation supports employing magnetic levitation principles, as a good few years ago now I owned a SAP Relaxa 1 support that really was effective under my then CD player.  Of course I did try it under my turntable, a Logic DM101 as I recall, but that already had a sprung subchassis suspension system, so it was less effective in that role, plus the weight of the turntable was just a bit too much for the poor old Relaxa to bear comfortably.  It worked rather well though on a Technics direct drive deck which was much lighter.  My biggest surprise was the effect it had on my power amplifier, which, given that it has no moving parts and being solid state electronics, was not as prone perhaps to microphony, as say a valve amplifier can be…”

Read the full review here

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