Ian Ringstead checks out the TAGA Harmony DA300 v.3 Digital to Analogue Converter.

“I’m very familiar with TAGA Harmony having reviewed their excellent speakers and recently the brilliant little TTP 300 phono stage. When Przemek sent me the TTP 300 to review he said I’ll send you our new budget dac as well to try. I love cd as a format and my cd collection keeps growing, but with regards to dacs I have had an occasional dalliance with them but that has been it. There is a plethora of dacs out there now ranging from the budget models like the TAGA DA300v.3 to the serious models from companies like Chord’s DAVE and DCS’s Debussy where £8500 is required. TAGA have always strived to offer great value for money and at £200 the DA300 v.3 is precisely that.”


Read the full review here

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