If you are in the market for a sub-£200 loudspeaker you have lots of options, but Wharfedale is a name that has been in this market for donkeys’ years and so if only for that reason their D320 standmounters attracted our attention. But how do they perform? Harry and Stuart Smith find out. 

“Wharfedale is famous for their super-popular Diamond range of speakers that have been a mainstay in many entry-level Hifi systems for decades. The D300 range aims to be a slightly cheaper alternative to the Diamonds that are being marketed as a more premium option, though they are intended to exist alongside the Diamond range of speakers. The new line of speakers includes the D310 bookshelf speakers, D330 floor standers, D300C centre unit and the D320 bookshelf speakers that I was sent to review…”

Read the full review here

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