Winyl Record Cleaning Fluid offers a novel way for you to clean your black disks. The stuff cost £19.99 for 500ml and here Dave Robson gets down with the sticky stuff. 

“Having only a small record collection, as CD arrived pretty soon after the Hifi bug bit, my records are all mostly old from the 80’s. I have bought some new “old” records and some secondhand as I think some recordings just need to be heard on the format they were intended for. I am embarrassed to say, but my record cleaning regime stood at a litre bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol and one of those velvet covered sponges. That and several teenage parties hasn’t left my little collection in the most pristine of condition. I have seen the “Wood Glue” video on social media but thought that was a little too risky. While surfing around Ebay, I did come across this Winyl cleaning fluid, I watched the associated video, and it was the same technique as the wood glue. Better than that it was specially designed for your precious records and looked a simple process. I purchased a couple of the tester sizes 50mm (£2.50 inc free delivery UK). The bottles arrived a couple of days later in a sealed plastic bag containing the fluid, syringe with applicator attached and instructions…”

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