Dan Worth takes a listen to the catchily named x-odos – xo|one CD Ripping Streamer costing £7500 and hailing from Germany. 

“German-based x-odos is a relatively new manufacturer in high-end streaming. Owner and IT expert Christof Poschadel is well known in his country’s industry for application-specific programming. Christof was a natural in programming from a young age and although obtaining degrees in History and Archaeology his talents for programming were never overshadowed and he became Network Administrator at his University. Christof, a lifelong HiFi enthusiast decided to take on the task of building his own music server which soon attracted friends and acquaintances attentions and requests for units were made. Following his heart and passion for music Christof founded x-odos in 2014 and along with two colleagues produced the xo|one music streaming server and ripper…”


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