Next release on Black Pop Records is the EP “INC.” by Rick Ashtray from Oslo and Trondheim. You might already recognize the members from other Norwegian acts such as Mats Wawa, Blomst and Gold Celeste. Yesterday, the band premiered the first single from the EP entitled, “One Of These Nites”, with Northern Transmissions.

Speaking about their forthcoming EP the band said, “”INC.” is an EP about the least rock n’ roll life style there ever was: a career in a corporation. None of the members of Rick Ashtray know anything about it, but they still try to put it into words and music.”

Rick Ashtray has been playing frenetic garage rock since 2012, but didn’t release their debut album until 2016. Now, in the summer of 2017, Rick Ashtray is ready for a new adventure; “INC” EP.

Having a full time job in an office with water coolers and horrible bosses is something that the members of Rick Ashtray have no experience in. However, they made “INC.” based on the life as an employee in a corporate business.

Armed to the teeth with the music references of old men and sketchy guitar solos, Rick Ashtray has made an EP that tells stories about something they don’t know anything about.

We’re wondering if the band fell into the rock’n roll magic potion like Obelix when they were young, because this is some of the strongest tracks we have heard in a while.

Black Pop Records, is the latest addition to Norway’s Jansen Plateproduksjon label group (Los Plantronics, Hajk, Atlanter, Electric Eye, Death By Unga Bunga, Chain Wallet etc.). As a label that have always sought to bring the best of Norway’s music to the UK and US, Black Pop Records focus is on garage infused punk and power-pop. The label is set to release a number of 7” singles over the course of 2017, bringing forward tracks that are infectious and hook driven whilst remaining challenging and innovative.

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