Rick Danko was a supremely accomplished vocalist, bass player and sometime mandolin and guitar player with The Band. His voice blended brilliantly with that of Levon Helm and Richard Manuel to produce one of the most influential and emotive of sounds in the history of rock and roll.Danko

Like Helm and Manuel, Danko is no longer with us, but the man and his music is celebrated on a 1,000 Copy limited edition 4CD set of live recordings from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Some recordings are solo, others feature Manuel and Paul Butterfield. The sets have some warm and intimate readings of Band favourites such as Stage Fright, Chest Fever, King Harvest (Has Surely Come), It Makes No Difference, Unfaithful Servant, Blind Willie McTell and many others, as well as a raft of Blues, Country and rock and roll favourites.

The recordings can’t help but be tinged with a bittersweet quality; Danko never really reaped the rewards that his talent deserved. The set consists of sound desk recordings which have been digitally remastered. Out November 20th

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