Rogue Audio who we met at the Munich High End show has announced they have begun shipping the new ST-100 tube pharaohfront2power amplifier.

With circuitry adapted from their M-180 monoblocs the ST-100 will be rated at 100WPC and offer both RCA and balanced inputs. The ST-100 from Rogue audio will feature custom wound  transformers coupled with the KT-120 output tubes.

MSRP will be $3,495 with an introductory price of $2,995.


Rogue also announced that their Pharaoh integrated amplifier is now shipping. Based on their Hydra/Medusa amplifier the Pharaoh is Rogue Audio’s flagship integrated amp. With 175 WPC into 8 ohms the Pharaoh features a tube preamplifier circuit, an MM/MC phono preamplifier with adjustable loading and gain, a tube headphone amplifier, processor loop, balanced inputs and home theatre bypass

MSRP is $3,495.

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