The Roksan TR-5 S2 loudspeakers that Hifi Pig reviewed sometime ago are now available for £995 in the UK. roksan_loudspeaker_review_2


The design innovations focus around a new crossover and an improved internal layout to produce a more controlled, faster sound. The crossover uses improved and modified electrical components and large low-impedance air core voice-coils on a meticulously-designed double- sided PCB. Meanwhile, the cabinet internals have been re-designed and feature a high-absorption internal damping material to eliminate unwanted resonances or standing waves. The end-result is a sound-stage that’s wide, deep and articulate while maintaining its musical core.

The TR-5 S2 retains the same drivers from its predecessor. The custom-designed bass driver ensures an extended and accurate bass response from such a compact speaker, while the sound remains tight thanks to its rigid cast chassis. Similarly, the high-tolerance ribbon tweeter provides an open, responsive and clear high-frequency spectrum. In combination with the new crossover, these drive units create a relatively small but attractive speaker that provides room-filling musical enjoyment.

The back-panel is neatly finished with bi-wirable gold-plated speaker sockets, allowing  for integration into a number of systems. The TR-5 S2 will be launched to the market in a premium gloss black finish, with alternative options to appear in the future.

The TR-5 S2 loudspeakers do make a perfect partner for Roksan electronics; their price and sound performance make them an ideal choice for the  K3 integrated amplifier. However, more so than ever, the TR-5 S2 is a “worthy consideration for anyone who takes their musical enjoyment seriously”.

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