Roksan Audio and Henley Designs Ltd. have announced the introduction of a series of packages Roksan K2 BT - Front View (Black) that offer huge savings on Roksan’s K2 range of hi-fi separates. Having previously offered similar packages with the superseded Kandy range, this new offering reflects the various system options prospective K2 owners have.

From June 2014, the following twin packs will be available through approved Henley Designs retailers:

K2 Integrated Amplifier & CD Player: £1,750.00 Now £1,250.00
K2 BT & CD Player: £1,820.00 Now £1,320.00
K2 Integrated Amplifier & Stereo Power Amplifier: £1,650.00 Now £1,150.00
K2 BT & Stereo Power Amplifier: £1,720.00 Now £1,220.00
K2 Integrated Amplifier & (TR-5) Speakers: £1,750.00 Now £1,250.00
K2 BT & (TR-5) Speakers: £1,820.00 Now £1,320.00

The K2 range from Roksan Audio has been built to achieve that signature Roksan sound at an affordable price.
The press release we received says “The K2 CD Player is an ideal source component that gives a gutsy and impressive performance with excellent rhythmic control. The K2 Integrated is a truly musical amplifier that sounds more accurate, more delicate and even more powerful than those that came before it. The K2 Power Amplifier boosts the sound-stage further, either in pre-power or bi-amp configuration when partnered with the K2 Integrated. The K2 Speakers utilise premium components and a stunning ribbon tweeter to perfectly represent the sound performance of the electronics”.

The new K2 BT (Hifi Pig review) builds upon the K2 Integrated Amplifier with an increased power output, improved internal components and the inclusion of aptX® Bluetooth technology so you can wirelessly stream your digital music from an enabled device in up to CD-quality audio.

All K2 electronics are available with Silver or Black face-plates. The K2 Speakers are available in Gloss Black only.


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