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Rotel has announced the new upgraded MKII versions of two of the company’s stereo preamplifiers, the Rotal RC-1590MKII and Rotel RC-1572MKII.


Both models feature several acoustic and performance upgrades with each acoustic circuit having been analysed and improved by applying the technologies engineered for the Rotal Michi series.

Rotel RC-1590MKII And RC-1572MKII Stereo Preamplifiers

The Rotel RC-1590MKII Preamplifier


Collectively these two models benefit from over 75 critical component changes which include new coupling capacitors directly in the audio signal path to deliver improved frequency response in the DAC circuits. The DAC power supply filter capacitors, volume circuit and XLR balanced circuits also benefit from audiophile grade resistor and capacitor upgrades, isolating the independent DC power supplies, and resulting in a lower noise floor.

Rotel RC-1590MKII And RC-1572MKII Stereo Preamplifiers

The Rotel RC-1572MKII Stereo Preamplifier


The upgraded models support balanced XLR inputs and outputs, Moving Magnet Phono stage input for turntable connectivity, analogue and digital source inputs, wireless aptX and AAC Bluetooth and utilize a Texas Instruments premium 32-bit/384kHz Digital to Analog converter (DAC). Further, both units support MQA and MQA Studio via the PC-USB input and are certified Roon Tested.

Rotel RC-1590MKII And RC-1572MKII Stereo Preamplifiers

Rear panels of the Rotel RC-1590MKII And RC-1572MKII Stereo Preamplifiers

Both models are easy to operate using the included remote control and front panel display. Automatic power controls, signal sensing, fixed volume settings and tone adjustments optimize customization settings.


The heart of the Rotel RC-1590MKII begins with the power supply featuring dual in-house manufactured toroidal transformers. The transformers are physically and electrically isolated providing dedicated analogue and digital supply voltages to all critical circuits through low ESR slit-foil capacitors eliminating unwanted distortion and delivering a noise floor. Dual RCA and XLR output connection provide flexibility including bi-amplification installations. A subwoofer output is also included.

Rotel RC-1590MKII And RC-1572MKII Stereo Preamplifiers

Rotel RC-1590MKII internal shot


Rotel describes the RC-1572MKII preamplifier as ‘affordable high end’. Multiple acoustic upgrades and refinements process all popular analogue and digital sources.  The RC-1572MKII’s precision engineering begins with Rotel’s ultra-low noise power supply including a large, in-house manufactured toroidal transformer. The transformer design reduces stray radiated emissions and feeds a bank of slit-foil, low ESR capacitors, to deliver stable current to all sensitive circuits with reduced noise and distortion and a quiet noise floor.

Rotel RC-1590MKII And RC-1572MKII Stereo Preamplifiers

Rotel RC-1572MKII Stereo Preamplifier internal view


The new MKII models are available in both silver and black colours.

Orders for the RC-1590MKII and RC-1572MKII can now be placed with shipping expected to begin in July 2021 in the United States and Canada, and to the rest of the world shortly thereafter.

Suggested retail price (Excluding sales tax, including VAT as applicable):

RC-1572MKII: $1,399.99, €1,299.00, £1,150.00

RC-1590MKII: $2,099.99, €1,949.00, £1,695.00

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