New for the summer and to be shown for the first time this weekend at the 2019 CanJam London Show, Rupert Neve Designs has introduced Fidelice, a new product range for the high-fidelity audio market.

The initial product lineup includes The Precision Headphone Amplifier, Precision Phono Pre-Amplifier, and Precision Digital-to-Analogue Converter.

Rupert Neve Designs

From Josh Thomas, Rupert Neve Designs’ General Manager: “We are extremely proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with the Fidelice range of products, and it’s exciting to be able to provide what has become the reference in world-class studios to the audiophile and hifi communities. This brings Rupert’s designs full circle, as his first commercial endeavor was actually CQ Audio, a British Hifi company.”

Precision DAC

The Precision Digital-to-Analogue Converter is the new range’s flagship product, built around pure Class-A topologies with transformer-balanced XLR outputs, and it “represents a new standard in digital accuracy from the master of analogue”. In DSD mode, the DAC is capable of operating at the highest available standard of DSD512 (22.4MHz), and in PCM mode the DAC is capable of reproducing 24-bit, 384 kHz files.

According to the company, “Pristine clocking with the top-of the-line AKM converter chips and highly customized integration make the precision DAC a true reference level product.” The Precision DAC’s rear panel also features digital filter sets to further adapt the sound for any system. The headphone amplifier within the Precision DAC elevates the RNHP, with an entirely new design featuring the inclusion of XLR balanced and Pentaconn balanced connections in addition to the ¼” unbalanced output. It also includes a high-gain switch making it capable of driving the most difficult-to-power headphones.

Precision Phono Pre Amp

The Precision Phono Pre-Amplifier is a new design based around the classic amplifier topologies that have made Mr. Rupert Neve’s microphone preamplifiers so sought-after for decades, and is intended to “elevate your turntable setup with the classic sound of Rupert Neve”. Purpose-designed low-noise JFET-based discrete Class-A amplifiers are implemented throughout the signal path for both MM and MC gain stages, “each painstakingly tailored for an enthralling listening experience with unparalleled accuracy, depth and expressiveness.”

The Precision Phono Pre-Amplifier includes a switchable 18dB/octave rumble filter, and the MM signal path also includes selectable capacitance of either 110pF or 220pF to pair with a large variety of cartridges.

Precision Headphone Amplifier

Finally, the Precision Headphone Amplifier is an updated version of Rupert Neve Designs’ RNHP, a 24V reference-quality headphone amplifier, complete with a new steel and wood industrial design. Each of its three sets of inputs is specifically calibrated for optimal level and impedance, and it offers the power to drive any headphones.

CanJam London 2019

You can experience the new Fidelice range at CanJam London, this weekend…we will bring you our thoughts on them from the show!

The Precision Phono Pre-Amplifier and Precision Headphone Amplifier are shipping at the end of August 2019, with the Precision DAC shipping at the end of September 2019. All Fidelice products are made in the USA and feature a high-end steel and wood construction. Prices TBC.

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