Any visitors to the NWAS over the last couple of years can’t have helped seeing the bustling Russ Andrews stand in the main entrance corridor. This year, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Kimber Kable, Russ Andrews will be showcasing Kimber’s range of audiophile cables.

The story of Kimber Kable goes back to the time when Ray Kimber was fitting lighting and sound systems in Discotheques in the 70s. Ray found that the interference created by running sound and lighting cables next to each other could be dramatically reduced by ‘weaving’ the sound cable. The effect was to cut down interference from RFI but it also had the unintended consequence of improving perceived audio quality at the same time. Thus, Kimber Kable was born.

That initial woven principle has been developed over the years, along with research and development into materials, and today Kimber offer a wide range to satisfy all levels of audiophile, from those starting out on a budget to the seasoned enthusiast who’s spent years improving and tweaking their system.

So this year, the Russ Andrews stand will be dedicated to the wide range of superb cables across the Kimber range – with all available to purchase at the show. From analogue interconnects and speaker cables to USB and HDMI, whatever your needs, come along a chat to John, Peter and Simon who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. And, as usual, all standard length cables come with a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee, so you can hear and assess the ‘Kimber Effect’ in your own system!

Get your free tickets for the show here!

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