Russ Andrews is introducing the brand new Kimber Kable Axios headphone cable to the UK.

Created using a new development of the Kimber woven cable design, Axios features 16 individually insulated 24-gauge strands of OFHC (oxygen-free high thermal conductivity) copper. The new hand braiding process, which was perfected for production after more than 100 trials, creates a precise and uniform braid that divides from the 16 strands into eight at the point where it splits into right and left channels. This ensures that there are no soldered joints or twisted wires and maintains the Kimber weave throughout the length of the cable. Axios_cable_08

Kimber worked closely with the manufacturers of high-end headphones to develop the connectors, which all feature hand-polished wooden accents to maintain an aesthetic relationship with the particular model of ‘phones. For example, the Audeze LCD3 cable features a Zebrawood connector, the Sennheiser HD800 is Gaboon Ebony and the HiFi Man is fitted with Mahogany. As such, each Axios cable is made to order for the individual customer based on his or her own set of headphones. The length of the cable can be specified, in addition to the connection at the amplifier end – 3.5mm or 6.3mm jack or 3 pin/4 pin XLR. The connectors also feature matching wooden accents of the same finish as the headphone end of the cable, which can be configured in a variety of formats. Most cables will be specified in a single Y format to connect an unbalanced headphone amplifier to a pair of headphones, but can also be manufactured with a double Y format for connecting balanced headphone amps to headphones. A single stereo connector to stereo jack (or XLR) configuration may also be specified. Axios_cable_05

Simon Dalton, of Russ Andrews comments on the performance of Axios, “Trying the new cable on a variety of different headphones, including the Sony MDR-Z7 and Sennheiser HD800, was simply a revelation. What Kimber has done with this new cable takes the performance of these already stunning headphones up a significant level.” He continues, “I am sure that our customers, and users of these ‘phones who are not yet our customers, will be equally delighted with the results in musical performance that they bring and we look forward to hearing their reaction.”

The Kimber Axios headphone cables are hand made at the company’s Ogden, Utah, USA facility and each set takes approximately four weeks to deliver to customers in the UK from placing an order. So confident is Russ Andrews in the benefits of switching to the new cable that, even though they are made to order, the company is offering its 60-day money back guarantee on any cable purchased. Customers can try it at home and if for any reason the results are not as expected, the company will refund the purchase price.

In keeping with the quality of the cables, all Axios models are presented in a custom made protective case with a hinged lid.

Sennheiser HD580, HD600, HD650, HD800

Sony MDR-Z7

HiFi Man HE-6, HE400, HE560, HE1000

Beyerdynamic T1

Audeze LCD range, EL-8

Mr Speakers

Abyss AB-1266


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