Russ Andrews has added to its line of power supply upgrades with an AC version of The Supplier, which the company say bring significant performance benefits to a range of audio components that are fitted with low voltage AC power supplies.

+àThe Supplier AC is available in three different voltages: 12, 16 and 24V, to suit the requirements of many different products, from external DACs to turntables and streamers. The 12V version is suitable for use with products including Musical Fidelity’s X series and the Cambridge Audio DacMagic (2008/09). Compatible 16V products include Project’s Debut III turntables, RPM and Xpression/Xperience models, plus the Phono Box products among many others. Products requiring a 24V AC supply, such as the Rega RP3, RP6, RP8 and Fono stages are accommodated with The Supplier 24V version.

The power supply features a double-insulated, grade 2 copper, rack-wound transformer on silicon steel, featuring far better tolerances and superior stray magnetic field rejection than many high-speed wound types and taking around four times longer to manufacture than off-the-shelf high-speed wound transformers.

In addition to the high-quality transformer, The Supplier also includes the Russ Andrews Silencer mains filtration on the input and is wired internally with Kimber Kable. A cool, yellow LED, inset into the high-gloss acrylic faceplate, indicates the unit is operational. Connection to the user’s equipment is via a 1m link cable, manufactured using Kimber Kable, and fitted with a robust XLR connector at the power supply end and the correct jack for the specified equipment at the other. Connection to the mains is via a 10A IEC input, using the owner’s mains cable of choice.

The 150mm x 53mm x 210mm cabinet is designed to be rack mounted and unobtrusive The unit comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, costs £397 inc. VAT and is available direct from Russ Andrews.




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