Russ Andrews is upgrading its range of PowerKord mains cables with the new WattGate EVO PK100_320EVOEvolution range of IEC plugs which they say bring benefits of “enhanced connection to the mains and the resultant improvement in performance”. For a limited time the PowerKords with WattGate EVO plugs will be available at no additional charge.

Three models of EVO plug have been created:

The W320 EVO features brass terminals and is fitted as standard to the PowerKord-100 and PowerKord-300.

The W350 AU EVO is, as its name suggests, an Audio Grade Gold connector and is fitted as an option to the PowerKord-300 and as standard to the PowerKord-500.

The W350 RH EVO, which features pure Rhodium plated connectors and this is available as an option on both the 300 and 500 models (for an up-charge).

Both the 350 AU EVO and 350 RH EVO’s terminals feature a multi-layer plating process, starting with oxygen-free copper; this is then plated with “electroless nickel to prevent the copper leaching through”, and finally a 24K gold plating. For the W350 RH EVO model an additional layer of pure Rhodium is applied on top of the 24K gold.

John Armer, managing director, says, “We have been waiting with bated breath for the arrival of the new plugs, which the development team at WattGate have been telling us would be well worth the wait. When the first samples arrived and were fitted to our cables we knew immediately that they were absolutely right. Each of the three models is an improvement upon the existing plugs and each offers a significant benefit as you climb up through the range.” He concludes, “We’re so pleased with the performance benefits that we want to make them available to our customers without the price rise that usually accompanies new product launches and so are very pleased to be able to hold the prices at the level of our existing PowerKords and, of course, they’re available to try at home on our no quibble 60 day trial with a money back guarantee.”


PowerKord-100                        £150    1m

PowerKord-300                        £230    1m       (£280 with W350 AU EVO and £295 with W350 RH EVO)

PowerKord-500                        £440    1m       (£455 with W350 RH EVO)

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