Russ Andrews is upgrading its mains wall sockets, the SuperSockets™, to provide a better connection for hifi systems.

‘The mains connection is fundamental to the performance of the system’, says Russ Andrews, chairman of the company. ‘Ideally, we’d all replace the ring main in our houses with better quality cable, but this isn’t always possible, so one of the simplest improvements that can be made is to fit much better quality wall sockets.

Russ Andrews SuperSocket II


‘Our new SuperSockets have been designed to give a much better connection to the plugs, which lowers impedance and ensures that the current flows as efficiently as possible into the hifi system. This results in an audibly superior performance and ultimately a more enjoyable listening experience’. Russ told us.

Contact Enhancer

The SuperSocket II™ features high spring-rate brass contacts that are pre-treated with DeoxIT® Contact Enhancer. The solution dissolves any oxide present on the contacts and leaves a thin (organic) layer that coats and protects the metal to maintain the best possible performance over time.

The new sockets are a straight swap for existing double sockets and are a simple DIY project, although the company does recommend using a qualified electrician for all electrical work. Like the previous model, the SuperSocket II is also available with a separate earth terminal for use with the Russ Andrews RF Grounding System. All models are unswitched for a lower impedance performance.

Russ Andrews SuperSocket II with earth terminal


SuperSocket II (double) £27

SuperSocket II (double) with earth terminal £37

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