For 30 years Russ Andrews has been supplying accessories for hifi and AV systems. To celebrate this occasion the company is releasing an updated version of one of its most successful products from the past three decades, and is making it available to the mass market with a special anniversary price.

The Russ Andrews YellOPower™ mains cable shares its name with a cable that sold in its thousands when first introduced in the 1990s. Setting it apart from the original cable is over 20 years’ of additional research and development by the leader in this field, chairman and technical director, Russ Andrews, into the effects of ‘dirty’ mains on the performance of hifi systems.Yello_ONLINE

Marking the 30th Anniversary, Russ Andrews is making the YelloPower available at its old price of £30 for a 1m cable for a period of 30 days starting 1st September 2016

The YellOPower is manufactured using eight individually insulated pure copper Kimber Kable conductors, arranged in the famous Kimber weave configuration. The 13 awg (2.62mm2) cores for live and neutral ensure excellent current handling and pure PVC insulation is employed. The UK built cable is finished off with a 13A Russ Andrews fuse, black Tecflex sleeving and robust IEC and UK three pin plugs. International plugs are available at no extra cost. The YellOPower branded heat shrinks, in yellow, add a reference to the original all yellow cable.

Russ Andrews, chairman, reflecting on 30 years in business says, “I started the company, then called RATA, to provide accessories for turntables, the mainstay of hi-fi systems at the time. As the years progressed and I developed our relationship with Kimber Kable, the leading cable brand from the USA, I quickly became aware of the benefits of its woven cables on the sound of the hi-fi system. Researching this and discovering its RFI rejection properties led me to make the UK’s first audiophile mains cable.” He adds, “Now, 30 years later, I am very pleased that we are able to reintroduce the YellO and bring the benefits of my research into mains to the mass market. And in a funny twist of irony that takes us full circle, no doubt many of them will end up being used with turntables again.”

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