Hercules Integrated is the younger brother of S.A.Lab’s flagship Hercules MkII Magister of Music. S.A.Lab say it is ‘ a more compact and affordable amplifier which is technologically identical to grand Hercules MkII Magister of Music’.

S.A.Lab Hercules Integrated’s output power is 2 х 75 W (4 Ohm). ‘Hercules Junior’ has inherited Senior’s tubes: 6072, 6v6 and Russian output 6п36с. All the valves used were produced in the 1970s and earlier.

S.A.Lab  have a longstanding tradition that the output transformers are custom designed and handcrafted by the company. The transformers are similar to those used in  the Hercules MkII and have a power-to-size ratio of 800 W each (2 x 800 W). The power supply contains a 600 W transformer. Separate transformers are provided for heating (200 W), biasing and the driver stage. The overall transformer’s power exceeds 1 kW.

The volume control unit is based on relay resistor arrays. There are five line inputs (4 RCA и XLR) and  outputs of both types and terminals for 4 and 8 Ohm speakers. The front panel is manufactured from polished Corian (artificial marble) which allows you to choose almost any colour.



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