Moscow based S.A.Lab have launched their all new Lilt entry level range of amplifiers. The Lilt range uses the original output transformer technologies from their flagship Hercules and Samson projects.

Lilt Power has 2 x 12 W (4 Ohm). Tubes used are two input 12AX7 and four output 6v6 in push-pull mode. Due to having volume control, Lilt Power is able to operate as integrated amplifier. Activating of Direct mode converts the Lilt Power to a power amplifier. Power transformer is 250 W.

Alexey Syomin, who founded the company in 2002 told us more: “Lilt preamplifier contains two EL84 coupled with transformer. Power transformer is identical of that of Lilt Power. Volume control is based on relay switched high quality resistors. RC-correction was taken for Lilt Phono. The unit’s tubes are 12AX7 and two 12AY7. We adopted kenotron power supplying for the Lilt Phono (5AY3 rectifier tube). Output transformer is of 100 W. There are two MM inputs. For MC-cartridges you can use S.A.Lab step-up transformer”.
The face panels of the lilt range are made from polished Corian and are available in a large range of colours.

Dealer pricing for each unit is in the region of 800€


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