The Haute Fidélité show in Paris is a must attend for us here at Hifi Pig. It’s a nice little show that is friendly, well attended and only four hours from us by rail. This year’s show was a good event too with there being plenty of punters through the door and a good and varied selection of kit on display. One of the things I enjoyed about this show was that there were plenty of women in attendance…perhaps it helped it being a Saturday in a good area of Paris. It’s also good for us to be able to meet up with old friends and have the chance to meet new ones. The great thing this year is everyone knows who Hifi Pig is and were keen to talk to us about their wares.
Rather than waffle on about each of the rooms we thought it would give Hifi Pig readers a better feel for the show by publishing a whole load of photographs we took at the Haute Fidélité show.

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  • The Haute Fidelité show was a great success for us, not least because this year we actually managed to catch our train and get there in one piece. It's a really good show it has to be said and members of the public who attended are clearly very passionate about their two channel replay and their music. On the negative…

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