We’ve just had news sent in about the upcoming Salon Hifi in Lyon (France) in the 7th and 8th of November.salon-hifi-lyon-7-et-8-novembre-2015

The show will open for both days at 9.30, close its doors at 19.00 and takes  place at the Pavillon De La Rotonde, Avenue Georges Bassinet, 69260 Charbonnière les Bains. There’s loads of great brands going to be there including:

-Amare Musica
-Ayon Audio
-Bergmann Audio
-B&W nouvelle série 800 D3
-Esprit High End

-Franc Audio
-Karan Acoustics
-Métronome Technologie
-Verity Audio
-Wilson Audio
-Wilson Benesch
-Wood Link


So, if you find yourself in the region make a date in your diary for this one.


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