Sanders sound electrostatics now in UK

High-End dealer Scott Nangle Audio have announced that they are now stocking and have on demo, the Sanders Sound Model 10c Electrostatic loudspeakers.

The 10c loudspeakers are 94dB sensitive and so should be an excellent match for lower powered valve amplification or the company’s Sanders Magtech amplifiers.

The bass of the Sanders Sound 10c is handles by a 10inch driver in a transmission line arrangement and are said to be flat down to 22Hz. Crossovers are external digital affairs and are designed specifically with bi-amping in mind. They come with 2 pairs of 12 feet Sanders loudspeaker cable, a Magtech stereo power amplifier rated at 500w for the bass and a useful remote control.

The loudspeakers come with a lifetime warranty and are made in the US where Sanders have been building electrostatic loudspeakers for the last 30 years.

Price £ 8,200


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