I have to admit I’ve been a bit remiss in reviewing this particular record. It arrived a while ago (it was released on the Comeme label in late October) and it’s been hammered on the main rig ever since.

So let’s backtrack a little – I reviewed the “One Night in Comeme Vol iii” compilation a while ago and really enjoyed it and so was expecting this release by Sano to be pretty good, but in reality I absolutely loved it.

For those who don’t know Sano is from Medellin (yes that Medellin of Cartel fame) in Colombia and this is the fourth album on the Comeme label.

Style wise it treads a grimy path between acid house and techno with dirty 303 bass lines, house beats and spoken vocals a la Green Velvet. Now I’m a sucker for a 303 I must confess and pretty much anything that includes the manipulated little silver box ticks my boxes but Sano takes the repetitive bass lines gives them the acid twitter and brings them back down to earth again.

That’s not to say that the 303 dominates (though it certainly does on “Me Without You”) and you get wonderfully messed up disco tinged (ok there’s a Syndrum in there) on the “Paquidermos” track and a whole host of mind altering, substance abusing tunes elsewhere.

“Conteneate2 ups the tempo just a tad, has a deep, repetitive and captivating bass line over claps, percussion and kick, but what takes it to another level is the messed up modulated synth line and monotonous intonation of the title. It’s dark, it’s menacing and it’s just the thing to mess with your head in a grubby, little, low ceilinged, badly lit night club where strangers linger in the shadows and menace is never far away.

You’ll not get your big room Djs dropping this kind of stuff; Sano “Sano” is reserved for those in the know, the lurkers of shadowy spaces who appreciate that out of the gloom comes an uplifting music that hankers back to the original days of house music. It’s uncomplicated music, it’s unsophisticated, but most of all it’s unclean, filth encrusted and absolutely fabulous.

If you remember the early days of acid go buy it. If you enjoyed the bass and blips era go buy it. What the hell…just go buy it!!

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