A year ago, Danish audio brand Gamut joined Raidho and Scansonic as part of the Dantax group of companies.

Scansonic HD’s MB series of loudspeakers was originally created by Michael Børresen, the initial designer of the Raidho range. In 2018, Gamut joined the Raidho/Scansonic family, a move in which Gamut’s Benno Baun Meldgaard was appointed chief designer, with a brief to work collaboratively across all three companies.

One such range is Scansonic HD’s MB series of loudspeakers, now renamed MB-B (‘MB’ is for Michael Børresen and ‘B’ is for Benno). The new MB-B editions have been upgraded and optimised in almost all areas.

The top-end, however, still features the famous Raidho ultra-light ribbon planar tweeter, in which the membrane is formed by a Kapton-aluminum sandwich just 20 microns thick. The midrange drivers and woofer have now been fitted with a new low loss spider which greatly improves the dynamic capabilities as well as expanding the frequency response in the bass region. A side effect of this is that the break-in period has been reduced greatly (around 100 hours). The crossovers have been completely redesigned, and all drive units are time-aligned at listening distance.

The previous acoustically vented cabinets have now been replaced with a ported cabinet and the cabinets’ internal construction has also been changed in order to optimise airflow. The Scansonic HD MB-B series is available now priced as follows (incl VAT). All models are available in either a black or white ‘silk’ finish.

MB-1 B standmount mini-monitor £1,899 excluding stand

(MB-1 single /twin pillar stand £499 / £599)

MB-2.5 B 2.5-way slim floorstander £2,899

MB-3.5 B 2.5-way slim floorstander £4,249

MB-5 B 3-way slim floorstander £6,249

MB-6 B 3-way slim floorstander £8,999




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