Schiit Audio announce the production of the Asgard 2 headphone amplifier. Asgard 2 is a complete redefinition of the asgard2company’s Asgard headphone amplifier, adding both a higher-performance gain stage based on their flagship Mjolnir amp, as well as features such as selectable gain and preamp outs.

“With these changes, Asgard 2 becomes a complete control center for desktop audio,” said Jason Stoddard, Schiit’s Co-Founder. “It provides switched preamp outputs for use with powered monitors, and exceptional flexibility to power headphones from sensitive IEMs to power-hungry orthodynamics.”

IEMs are a special focus of Asgard 2. At the low gain setting of 1.5x, the noise floor is said to be exceptionally low and the Alps Blue Velvet pot provides a “very fine range of control, with excellent channel matching”.

Asgard 2 offers a high gain setting of 6x, and can provide up to 1W of power into 32 or 50 ohms, making it suitable for many power-hungry planar-magnetic, or orthodynamic headphones. With output voltage up to 30V p-p, it also pairs  with high-impedance, 300 and 600 ohm headphones.

Like all Schiit products, Asgard 2 is made in the USA.

Price is $249


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