CHC Audio Distribution has announced the immediate availability in the UK and Ireland of Serblin and Son amplifiers.

The Serblin name is pretty much HiFi Royalty, Franco Serblin being the man behind Sonus Faber loudspeakers. During his time at Sonus Faber Franco asked his nephew Fabio to design an amplifier for Sonus Faber and the QUID amplifier was born.

The Serblin and Son Frankie amplifier

Franco And Fabio Serblin

Fabio worked for the company until 1991.  When Franco passed away in 2013 Fabio began working on a new amplifier range. The first model launched in 2019 under the name Serblin and Son is named Frankie in homage to the great Franco Serblin.

Serblin and Son Frankie rear view


Serblin and Son currently produce a Frankie Integrated, Frankie Plus (integrated with a streamer) and a Frankie 500 (High Powered Integrated with 500w per channel). In the coming months, the launch of the highly anticipated Raptor integrated amplifier is also expected.

Serblin and Son Frankie has a case made from Italian Walnut and Aluminium

Following on from this, we have been told of a further Frankie Pre Amp and Power Amplifier will be joining the range.

Italian Design And Manufacture

The current Frankie has the aesthetics of marrying Italian walnut with an aluminium top plate and there is an app available on the app store and android. This app allows for wireless music streaming as well as full control of the unit, with the app acting as a remote control.

Serblin and Son Frankie Stream

All Serblin and Son products are hand-built in Italy.

Frankie Specifications

Output power: 2x 75w / ch 8 ohm, 2x 110w / ch 4 ohm.

Original circuit Phase / Serblin & Son.

Inputs: CD XLR, CD RCA, AUX (RCA and 3.5mm jack), PHONO.

PRE-OUT output.

Phono MM / MC with 24 combinations of resistance / capacity / gain.

USB-A 5V socket for powering external dongles.

Auto standby after about 20 minutes of absence of input signal.

Stand-by consumption <0.5w (compliant with the Ecodesign directive 2009/125 / CE).

Supply voltage (220-240v / 50-60hz).

Remote control on smartphone (any)

Dimensions mm: 430 x 317 x 78 (WxDxH) including protruding parts.

Net weight: 12kg.


Frankie £2590

Frankie Plus £2990

Italian style

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