Simon Lomax is predominantly known as a producer of music for film and television, but his self released A Glimmer Of Memory sits firmly in the ambient and atmospheric category.

The six tracks on this album are sparse, with pads ebbing and flowing to produce an album that is quite beautiful in its textural quality and ability to trigger an emotional response – All That Is Gone has a mournful and eerie quality to it that is somewhat sad whilst At First Sight manages to conjure a much more positive and forward looking vibe.

A Glimmer of Memory is best listened to with the lights dimmed whilst sat in your favourite armchair and allowing the music taking you along with its natural flow.

This is electronic music, of course, but it manages to remain organic and pure in the feeling it conveys. A tune may produce a contemplative response or a more uplifting reaction, and this is certainly music for the mind and not the body.

There is an instant calming of all senses whilst it is playing Glimmer and whilst it meanders, twists and flows you can’t help but be drawn in to its soundscapes. Linette on first hearing it said it was “like tripping but without the drugs”

Beautiful and highly recommended!  

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