Simple Audio, whose little Bluetooth “Go” speaker Hifi Pig reviewed, has officially released Roomplayer+, its simple_roomnew Roomplayer with synchronised music playback, direct NAS support, support for 24/192 uncompressed formats and a host of other new features.

The new Roomplayer+ is designed by a group of designers and engineers (originally from Linn Products) who are focussed on “audiophile sound performance, precision engineering and modern techniques for opening up digital music in the home”  says the company’s press release. The latest high resolution music streamer, boasts a whole host of new standout features:

MP3 tracks up to uncompressed high-resolution formats (24/192) .

Access to music libraries, music folders, even individual tracks stored on multiple devices around the home – from computers (PC/Mac) and NAS drives to smartphone, tablets and MP3 players.

Powerline allows you to play different music in different rooms or create groups to synchronise music in rooms around the home.

Roomplayer+ apps display all the available music in the home.

On the launch of the new Roomplayer+, Martin Dalgleish, Design Director at Simple Audio, commented  “As a music lover myself, I’m thrilled with the arrival of the new Roomplayer+. It features a faster processor, more memory and a new operating system. It’s not only faster; it’s smarter than its predecessor too. So, streaming music in sync to multiple rooms around the home, up to 24/192 kHz, over wired or Powerline networking is seamless.”

Two models are available , the ‘Roomplayer +with Amp’ featuring an on-board Class D amp that outputs 50 Watts per channel  and the ‘Roomplayer+’ (no amp) with high performance signal handling and a high resolution DAC with all the analogue and digital connections needed to connect to a Hi-Fi system.

List prices : Roomplayer+ with amp: £699 and Roomplayer+: £599

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