UK loudspeaker manufacturer Harbeth contacted Hifi Pig to give us news that they will be launchingHArbeth_logo_site something “very exciting” at this years High-End Munich show. Harbeth don’t release new products all that often and so we were quite enthusiastic to find out more but details are pretty scant at the moment so here is what the company have told us so far.

“The wraps come off something very exciting in Munich”, says Trevor Butler of Harbeth’s marketing department. “We will be in Halle 3 on Stand J10 with our colleagues from Harbeth Deutschland.”
Building on its BBC loudspeaker legacy for the past 35 years, Harbeth has added twenty-first century technology to the ageing BBC designs and brought them right up-to-date to ensure they are fit for a digital era.

“When these speakers were created by the broadcaster’s boffins, they worked in a totally analogue environment, and in mono”, adds Trevor. “Such designs are hardly fitting for today’s more discerning user who has the benefit of ultra high-quality digital sources at their fingertips.”

”Wallowing in nostalgia is all very romantic, but what today’s audiophile and professional audio user needs is a modern-day speaker fit for modern-day use. That’s why Harbeth monitors are the first-choice for so many studio engineers when it comes to critical monitoring”.

“Looking back, you can see how poorly some of the old designs measured”, adds Trevor. “The curves resemble Himalayan peaks and troughs! Harbeth has painstakingly ironed out the blemishes to create designs to be proud of.”

Whatever it is that Harbeth are unveiling at Munich High End 2014 Hifi Pig will be there to bring you the news as it happens.


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