The new line of Sonance DSP amplifiers have been engineered with time saving presets and, say Sonace, deliver ‘amazing sonic performance with high-resolution audio’. They have received CEDIA’s 2015 Best New Product Award.


DSP is widely used in home theatres and media rooms to accurately correct for a room’s acoustic characteristics. However, when it comes to distributed audio, DSP is rarely considered. The reason for the lack of room correction in distributed audio is primarily the time, complexity, and equipment required for DSP in every area of the home. Pre-loaded with 40 DSP presets, the DSP amplifiers eliminate the need for manual calibration saving time and effort. Each preset was developed from the acoustic average of 5 rooms of various sizes and furnishings. Presets can be accessed in the DSP amplifiers via the SONARC (Sonance Advanced Room Correction) software pre-installed on every DSP amplifier. The DSP presets cover all Sonance speakers and range from flat to +6dB. Additionally presets account for many variables such as: live rooms, dead rooms, materials, hardscapes, and landscapes. Over 600 engineered presets can be downloaded from the Sonance website and imported into the DSP amplifiers.


The physical design of the DSP amplifiers has been engineered to the highest of audiophile standards. The powerful, high resolution 24-bit/96Khz DSP and DAC allows the amplifiers to pass through true high resolution content without compression. High resolution audio can pass through to the DSP amplifiers with the optional DIM (Digital Input Module). Additionally, the DSP amplifiers provide high resolution with full safety ratings into 8 ohms and 4 ohms, and are completely stable to 2 ohms. The Sonance DSP amplifiers take up a much smaller footprint that is stackable saving valuable rack space.


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