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The good people at NuNu Distribution got in touch with Hifi Pig to tell us that as a part of a series of Orton RED crop2events marking the 21st year of Sonneteer the Sonneteer Orton integrated amplifier has been elevated to MK IV status. The Sonneteer Orton name will be familiar to many Hifi Pig readers I’m sure as it’s firmly established as a bit of a hi-fi classic.

The Orton has had some changes for 2014 which incorporates both an aesthetic upgrade and some circuit design upgrades which they say result in improved sound quality and looks.

Orton observers will note that the MK IV now sports a fully machined aluminium and stainless steel remote control handset which looks rather smart and features polished stainless steel ball-buttons which are also mirrored on the amp’s fascia. The handset, as well as aesthetic beauty, boasts an internal rechargeable battery and an LED torch light for that little extra help when trying to wire up the rear of the amplifier. The battery charges from any powered USB port be it on a phone charger or PC and should last at least a year from one charge under normal use.

Internally the control system power supply (the Orton has three power supplies) has been improved with careful revisions and in conjunction with design changes to the circuit board mountings, all culminating to deliver what Sonneteer are calling “pleasing improvements to an already highly regarded amplifier”.


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