SONORE, a Simple Design LLC company, will be exhibiting in suite 9117 at RMAF 2019.

They will be showing what their SystemOptique boards can do in an audiophile system. Their boards now feature eleven audiophile-grade ultra-low noise linear regulators, plus two fixed frequency high-quality ultra-low jitter FEMTO oscillators.

Signature Rendu SE SystemOptique Streamer

Their new Signature Rendu SE SystemOptique streamer can be custom designed with various upgrade packages.

The Signature Rendu SE SystemOptique will be playing into the following setup:

Bricastic M21 DAC

Bricastic M25 Stereo Amp

Vivid Audio Kaya 45 Speaker

Cardas Wiring + Optical Network OM1 Multimode

Audio File storage by Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i9

Music will be served to the SONORE Signature Rendu SE streamer by the SONORE SonicTransporter with  i9, 6 core processor and SonicOrbiter GUI.

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