Spanish high-end loudspeaker manufacturer, Sottovoce Audio has announced the Stereo 3, a high end, active, floorstanding loudspeaker .

This 3-way active loudspeaker is designed around a coaxial mid/high range, front radiating, 165 mm neodymium transducer. Two side firing, 200 mm, long stroke bass drivers are mounted in a back-to-back configuration to cancel out cabinet vibrations at high sound pressure levels. The bass drivers are set close to the floor, in a sealed chamber.

Stereo 3 is an active loudspeaker with an internal total power amplification of 400 W. The built in, class D, amplifiers keep energy consumption very low (17 W/hour, idle and below 85 dBSPL/1m). With a moderate size (just 195 mm width), the Stereo 3 has no need for external power amplifiers. A balanced audio input connector (analogue or digital) allows for a direct interconnection with streamers, digital-to-analogue convertors or preamps, reducing system components to a minimum.

Stereo 3 active loudspeakers are designed and manufactured by Sottovoce Audio in Valencia, Spain. Besides standard finishings, custom colours or finishes are also available upon request. Each loudspeaker is delivered inside a custom aluminium heavy duty flight case for secure transportation. MRRP is 12,000€.

The speakers will make their debut at High End Swiss in Zurich this weekend and then at the Audio Video Show, Warsaw, next month.




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